Best Home Remedies For Nails Growth And Hardening

Best Home Remedies For Nails Growth And Hardening

I am sharing my personal enjoy with you to get lengthy and tough nail faster. I loved long nails, however my nails were now not difficult sufficient to stay on, then my friend advised me this remedy to harden my nails and will increase the nail increase.

Ingredients, you’ll want for this nail boom remedy-

*½ tbsp. Of Aloe Vera Gel(Gel (I prefer natural aloe vera, if the plant isn’t always to be had at home you could purchase aloe vera gel from the marketplace)
*½ tbsp. Of Coconut Oil/Castor Oil/Olive Oil (any oil of your preference)
*1 Vitamin E pills oil (effortlessly available in any drug store)
*1 garlic clove

Method –

To take out the oil from pill pierce the tablet with the needle in capsule and squeeze the tablet the use of fingers.
Mix all the substances properly using an ear bud and your serum is prepared to use,
Now crush 1 garlic clove, rub that clove on nails,
Leave it for 10 mins,
Now observe nail increase serum in a single day.
You gets seen lengthy and hard nail in per week.

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