Skip these hair workout mistakes to prevent breakage and keep it healthy no matter how often you sweat

Swish,swish,swish…it’s not the sound of three point shooter on fire, but the noise I imagine my hair making while I run. And when I had to chop it all off a few years ago after getting sick, I missed that invisible noise.

The feeling that it gave me. The one thing that made my surfboard body feel a little more feminine. Hair is like the accessory that you never take off and I didn’t realize that all my sweaty workouts could be causing damage!

Did you ever have one of those dolls where you could crank the arm and the hair grew?

While it would be a little awkward to ask Mr RTTF to crank my arm in a circle, I wish it was that easy to change my hairstyle on a whim!! I’d do a short bob one day and rock out the long braid another.

I mean if I could choose a superpower first would be teleportation and second perfect hair any day, any time, automatically.workout hair

Alas, it’s not that easy and after a few visits to my stylist I started to whine “why isn’t my hair growing??

At which point ideas from friends started flowing like wine on a girls night out.

Prevent Hair Breakage from your Workouts

Who knew your workout could be good for your body and bad for your hair! Can sweat damage your hair? Ehhh it’s less about the sweat and more about all the mistakes we make around our sweat sessions!

I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned about caring for sweaty hair (hello preventing breakage), plus a few skin care routine tips because let’s be honest, what’s great hair if we’ve messed up our skin…and yes indeed your bad hair habits can cause breakouts too!

Wash  Your Hair Less

Is it necessary to wash your hair after every workout? NO and it’s better if you actually wash your hair less.

Stop washing all the time. OHH this is hard as a runner with seriously sweaty hair, which is why I now love dry shampoo!!

Washing daily dries out hair and can increase breakage from styling as well. I have also read that you should condition, shampoo, condition for really dry hair…so I’m trying this now too!

– When you do wash it, go for air or towel drying. In fact, for my curly haired sisters they recommend using a shirt or pillow case to dry hair because it’s not as rough and curly hair is often drier.

– Dry shampoo is available just about everywhere now for cheap. Go for the spray and not the powder as it’s much easier to blend in. Note it doesn’t work until your hair is dry, that’s how it soaks up any greasy looking areas. This is the cheap one I use and personally LOVE. I know there are some pricey one’s, but this works.

Choose the Right Hair Products

Speaking of washing, it takes some time for your hair to get used to the switch, so you’ll still shampoo once a week with with a cleansing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment. And if you find your hair isn’t too oily, then an even better process is actually to CONDITION and then shampoo.

That’s right, we’re throwing all the old wisdom out the window!

It turns out for those of us with finer hair conditioning second leaves hair weighed down and allows for more product build up. Because I felt my hair wasn’t as thick as say when I was 18, I started using theNioxin System and about 2 months in I could ABSOLUTELY tell my hair was thicker!

Did you know your ponytail could be damaging your hair??? #runchatCLICK TO TWEET

Wear Less Ponytails

I was also told to stop putting my hair in a pony tail all the time. Pulling it aback in the same spot weakens the hair!

  • Move that pony tail around
  • When you can leave it down, do.
  • Consider a bun, a top knot or a braid to mix things up and distribute the tug on your hair.
  • And though it might not be popular, I use thin scrunchies again because they don’t rip out hair!!
  • If your hair is dry, after pulling out a pony is a good time to brush and distribute the natural oils from your roots through the ends
  • Speaking of brushing, don’t over do it! The old 100 strokes per night is not true.

You can’t prevent hair from sweating, but certainly getting it off your neck where you’ll be sweaty is key to keeping it some dryer. Also hats are going to trap heat and result in more head sweat.

How to keep your hair healthy

Another Use for Coconut Oil

Used on hair to help infuse moisture and prevent breakage this is seriously better than most moisturizers on the market, plus you know it’s all natural. With curly hair I can use some after a shower to define my curls, other times I layer it on prior to a run as a deep treatment mask, which I think wash out afterwards.

Just be aware that it can take a couple shampoos to get out oil, especially in finer hair. Since moving to Denver, I’ve found this is just too heavy on my hair when I straighten it, so instead I have switched to this Keratin oil.

**Note: One of the reasons I straighten it (without a straightener) is because I can go longer between washes with my hair still looking good.

Limit Those Headbands

OMG did you know this new trend is also tugging on those poor little strands of hair. As much as I love mine, I am more cautious about whipping them on and off, as well as wearing them non-stop.

Could your favorite headband be wreaking havoc on your hair?! More workout hair mistakes…CLICK TO TWEET

Hair Sun Protection

Just like you need to spray on some heat protection before styling, it’s a good idea to protect those locks from all the time spent in the sun with something that will protect color, prevent fading and keep your scalp happy too. Hey your scalp is where the whole healthy hair piece starts!

Here’s a quick hair sunscreen you can spray on before those long runs or days outdoors.Preventing breakouts from workouts

Eat for Silky Hair

We know a healthy diet makes every part of our body look better due to nutrients! Here are a few foods pinpointed for long healthy locks, click each for some recipe ideas:

  • Eggs
  • oats
  • nuts
  • bananas
  • liver
  • greens
  • fish

As if caring for your hair wasn’t enough to think about after you find yourself covered in sweat, your sweaty hair could actually be interfering with your quest for clear skin!

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